At Mediterranea we believe there are traditions worth keeping.

It’s just a matter of bringing them up to date. As our company is lucky enough to have been set up and expand on the shores of the Mediterranean, we have inherited one of them. It’s one of those traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation and that has contributed to giving our diet its well-deserved reputation of intense flavours and recognised health benefits: in the fishing villages that line the Mediterranean, it was common practice to cook recently caught shellfish in water taken directly out of the sea. It was also used for cooking rice, pasta and other typical dishes from the area. It was an open secret that it gave food just the amount of salt it needed and that it brought out its full flavour naturally. This is a secret that we would like to share and introduce in kitchens and restaurants all over the world.


Experience has told us that the use of seawater for cooking is a pleasant surprise for both those who know about its health benefits and those who simply want to explore new possibilities in the kitchen. This is an ever growing trend in homes, restaurants and the food industry, and that Mediterranea is pleased and proud to present with a modest but enthusiastic trickle of constant ideas and new projects.

Therefore, in order to deliver a full blown Mediterranea experience to our customers we entrust all of our creativity to our company’s innovation department so that we are able to continue offering the benefits of this natural resource, both in a carton (seawater) and as towels (soaked in seawater), as well as in beer bottles (Er Boquerón).

Our Seawater was awarded a Two Golden Star rating for the exceptional flavour and high quality it brings out in your food. It was awarded by the most qualified jury in the world, comprising 120 chefs and sommeliers from the most prestigious culinary associations in Europe.