The Mediterranea products are unique. More than just seawater, they contain living seawater, extracted from the Mediterranean in places with high biological value, rich in life-giving oxygen, minerals and organic compounds, subjected to a sophisticated process to obtain a product fit for human consumption, completely harmless, meeting all health requirements but without losing any of the magnificent original properties of seawater in its natural state.

Through several steps of microfiltration, cold sterilization, and a highly selective purification system, organic material is eliminated, along with bacteria and all other microorganisms, without changing its mineral composition and its wealth of trace elements and organic compounds at all
Mediterranea is the first and only company to use this natural resource, processing it to enhance its properties, giving it great added value, and making it available to the customer, meeting all health requirements, along with the media and infrastructure required for application in each case.


Thico-proceso-1e water is collected in various points on the Mediterranean coast carefully selected for the exceptional purity of their water, following the methodology for the characterising of the quality of coastal waters proposed by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Areas, following the line established by the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC). Following this regulation, these are areas that fall into the category of VERY GOOD CONDITION, that of the greatest purity, places that are specially protected because of their great biodiversity, their fields of Posidonia, far from the influence of continental waters. Besides the point of extraction, the moment is also selected, so that the conditions are optimal and the purest water possible is obtained. For this reason, a series of parameters such as salinity, cloudiness, solids in suspension, the concentration of phytoplankton (chlorophyll A), and dissolved oxygen are checked.


Once it is in the plant and before it is processed, the water is analysed in depthico-proceso-2 in order to rule out the presence of microbiological and chemical pollutants, following the same testing protocols that are used for drinking water, water for human consumption, exactly as is recommended in the recently-published scientific ruling of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) on the minimum hygiene criteria that should be applied to clean seawater and the public health risks and hygiene criteria for seawater bottled for domestic use. Once it is processed and before the product is sold, the product is analysed again, checking that all of the physical parameters and the concentration of elements is suitable, and that there is no contamination.


In accordance with current regulations and EFSA opinions, the seawaterico-proceso-3 extracted is subjected to a purification process to eliminate organic components, phytoplankton, zooplankton and bacteria. The bacteria are removed by cold microfiltration using pharmaceutical grade membrane filters in phases, a sterilization method approved by the European Pharmacopoeia. This system of physically separating components allows the original mineral composition of the seawater to remain intact, as well as the concentration of the elements and their molecular shape.

Boron removal

Following the recommendation of the EFSA in its scientific ruling on the ico-proceso-4health criteria that should be applied to seawater for use in the food industry, it undergoes a treatment to reduce the concentration of boron, leaving it at less than 1 ppm, as is required by the regulation on water for human consumption. This removal of boron is carried out selectively, leaving the other components of the natural mineral composition of the seawater intact, by means of a system of demineralization through selective ionic exchange with specific resin, apt for food use.


At the end of the process, the water is packaged in one of the definitive formats, ico-proceso-5through a multi-use packaging machine. This allows us great flexibility in formats and final presentations, which we can adapt to the demands of our public. This packaging plant is operated by handicapped personnel, in virtue of the agreement that we have with a Special Employment Centre.

Our Seawater was awarded a Two Golden Star rating for the exceptional flavour and high quality it brings out in your food. It was awarded by the most qualified jury in the world, comprising 120 chefs and sommeliers from the most prestigious culinary associations in Europe.